Best HVAC Filters for Houses: When you consider healthy living in your house, home climate control is the best living in modern times. Residential air conditioning gives us a comfortable living area during the hot summer. The filter plays a crucial role in clean air and odors. It’s pretty easy to change your air filter. Here’s where things get interesting! It’s time to take into consideration the type of air filter suitable for home use. 

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Best HVAC Filters for Houses

Knowing The Best Filter to Use

Most of us do not change the air filters as often as we are supposed to in our home furnace / HVAC system. Instead, we go for several months at a time. However, proper domestic air filtration requires that you change air filters regularly in your home before you can see the evidence. Home air filtration is a matter of life and death for those suffering from many respiratory conditions. Let’s consider the below types of home filter for your use:

Fiberglass  Filters 

Fiberglass filters are one of the most used filters by homeowners; this type of filter is often referred to as “throwaway” or “disposable” filters because they last around 30 days before they are thrown away and replaced. The significant advantages of fiberglass air filters are that they are inexpensive compared to more advanced filters like others. It’s perfect for sieving dust.

Media Filter

A media filter lives between your return furnace and your back furnace, so that you may need to retrofit your system if you have not modified it already. Most media filters are callow-pressure drop” filters and are perfect for allergies. The average replacement is yearly, therefore, saving money. For this reason, media filters are such an excellent choice for air quality indoors and overall HVAC efficiency!

HEPA Filter

These filters are usually packed as HEPA “system” and are the best of the best. HEPA filters capture almost everything. VOC, bacteria, viruses… Technically, they trap tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. They generally require a supplementary ventilator to push air through the filter. Your blower or furnace fan will not move sufficient air through the filter without support, so HEPA filters also use a standalone fan installed in the system with a fan. This is great to use when someone in the house suffers from allergies.


The air filter task in your HVAC system is to keep the unit clean, in particular blower and evaporator coils. Dirt is the number one cause of heating and air conditioner disruptions. The right filter is like using the right car fuel. Not using the right filter is risky. Here are some possible difficulties encountered if you choose to run the wrong air conditioner filter:

Condensate Drain Issues

With an incorrect air-conditioner filter, your condensate drain cannot perform its drying condensation and moisture tasks from your unit. The condensate builds upon the Freon tube and drips into the pot. The pot drains out and helps you to dehumidify your air conditioner in your home. The right filter prevents waste from collecting and blocking your condensate drain, causing water damage to your system.

Problems with air quality

The biggest problem with operating your HVAC system filter-free is Air Quality in your house. The intake absorbs dirt, just and debris and sent through the vents again. It suspends int he air until someone breathes it in or obstructs the flow.

Freon Tube Issues

An air conditioner pulls air from your house and blows it across Freon-filled copper tubes. When the air blows through these tubes, dirt and debris stick to the condensate and coat the fins. When this happens, your system is ineffective and overloads your air conditioning system.  You should contact your local HVAC Repair Service to have this checked.

For more information or to have your system checked contact your local HVAC Service company. Here is Greenville SC contact Grace HVAC Service.

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